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Appalachia boasts a rich cultural and artistic heritage, with unique talents and crafts found only in the communities of the region. Fostering cultural and artistic expression not only opens up new economic opportunities but helps communities identify what is important to them and communicate in new ways. A wide range of organizations and efforts conserve the region’s artistic traditions while fostering new forms of artistic expression.


  • Artists Collaborative Theater — The Appalachian region of Kentucky is well known for its strong cultural heritage in areas such as music and crafts. However, very few opportunities exist for eastern Kentuckians to be exposed to theater.
  • Pine Mountain Co-op: A Handcrafted Success Story — Browse through the aisles of the Pine Mountain-Letcher County Craft Co-op and you’ll see items such as intricately carved wooden figurines, cornhusk dolls of all sizes and handcrafted cabinets and bookshelves.

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