Two Revolutionary Tools for Beginning Farmers (Webinar)

Time and time again we hear that amongst the biggest hurdles for beginning farmers are designing a business model which creditors will fund, and creating a comprehensive food safety plan for their farm. Each of the tools presented on this webinar addresses one of those hurdles.

Farm Credit Council and the National Good Food Network have teamed up to create a website designed to illustrate the myriad ways that farmers have been successful in the "New American Foodshed." Many different routes into many different markets are explained, and then illustrated with case studies of actual farms and other businesses using each model. Designed for farmers and those who might provide credit to farmers, this tool helps people to "speak the same language.", with support from the Wallace Center has developed an on-farm food safety tool. Designed to generate all of the documentation and forms for a complete food safety plan, this is the first of its kind.

Learn about these amazing new tools, their background and some of the features.

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