Residential Energy Efficiency Training Course in WV

According to our friends at West Virginia Greenworks:

RESNET Home Energy Rater
$1250 for multiple students from same organization

Two different dates: Week of July 12 & Week of August 16
Location to be announced. Instructor-Led Workshop Register Now HERS Course Overview

General Information
A Certified Home Energy Rater or Rater is a person trained and certified by an accredited Home Energy Rating Provider to inspect and evaluate a home’s energy features, prepare a home energy rating and make recommendations for improvements that will save the homeowner energy and money.

Opportunities for Raters

Raters will be needed to calculate and verify energy and environmental savings from a building's improvements so that value can be traded in emissions and energy efficiency markets.

Certified raters will be needed in the environmental emission, energy efficiency certificate and forward capacity markets that will invest in reductions in energy usage.

The potential for energy efficiency to create certificates that can be included in Energy Efficiency Portfolio Standards (Compliance Markets) or voluntary clean power markets (White Tags)

Creation of a new revenue source for building owners to finance the energy performance of their homes and offices and for third parties to aggregate and sell the value of savings

New service raters can offer to their builder clients

By applying the existing RESNET standards for energy efficiency to energy efficiency trading, raters and builders would avoid the hassle of learning a new set of standards”

Test Houses Needed!

One day of the Basic HERS class is spent doing hands-on testing and data collection in houses. The benefit to the home owner is that they essentially get a free energy audit (without a written report). If you know of someone who would like to volunteer to have their house audited during the class, please contact WV GreenWorks. All houses must have built-in heating and air conditioning systems and residents must be home during the audit.

Additional Information available here on West Virginia Blue.

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