Farm Fresh Tour (Louisville)

Louisville Farm to Table and the Kentucky Department of Agriculture are pleased to invite you to tour of "sustainable Kentucky," two family farms and a produce auction that helpbring Kentucky food and drink to you and your dining establishment. 

The tour is designed to allow participants to see how food is raised in Kentucky and brought to your table by the Commonwealth's growing food infrastructure.  Meet the farmer and the distributors, see the farms, taste the food and watch an auction in progress.

The first stop is Capstone Produce Auction, which aggregates locally-grown seasonal vegetables to sell for the highest bid.  Auctioneer David Neville will explain how the auction works. You'll learn how the auction works, see the range of pricing and seasonal produce, and watch the auction in action

Just down the road is Smith-Berry Winery, a former tobacco farm that has converted to an agri-tourism operation that grows grapes , imports juice, makes wine and holds summer dinner concerts.  They also raise organic beef cattle, sheep, and hay, and have a family garden.

For lunch you will be at Gallrein Farms.  Gallrein is a  family farm in Shelby County.  The Gallreins are famous for their corn but you can find an assortment of their vegetables in a variety of venues, from the produce auction to the hot line at Norton Hospital.

There is no cost for the tour, but seating is limited on a first come basis.

9:30    Arrive and Board bus
  9:45    Travel to Capstone Auctions
10:30     David Neville, Capstone Auctions and experience auction
11:30     Travel to Smith Berry Winery
11:45     Wine Tasting at Smith Berry Winery
12:45     Travel to Gallrein Farms
  1:15     Locavore Lunch – Lamb, brats, cheese grits, grilled corn and okra and optional tour
  2:30     Travel back to Louisville
  3:15     Arrival in Louisville