Community Development Expert to Speak in Two Kentucky Counties

How can a community go from being one of the poorest rural counties in the poorest state with sparse resources and relative isolation, no body of water and no 4-lane highway within 75 miles… to being a national model for community development, having 45 international corporations, 18 Fortune 500 companies and citizens who are truly involved in making their community better?

Folks in Jackson and Clay counties will have the chance to learn how Tupelo, Mississippi made its turnaround from community development expert Vaughn Grisham. He’ll be speaking in Manchester on September 5 and in McKee on September 6, and both events are free! Click below for more information.

Wednesday, Sept. 5th
Clay County Community Center
311 HWY 638, Manchester
1:00– 3:00 pm

Thursday, Sept. 6th
Jackson County Area Technology Center
1000 Educational Mountain Dr, McKee
6:30 pm

For more information, contact Lynnett Renner.