Workshop on Rising Electric Rates and Energy Policy (WV)

 Workshop on Rising Electric Rates and Energy Policy

October 8th, 1-6pm at Camp Pioneer, near Elkins


This workshop provides tools and background information for citizens who want to become actively involved in promoting energy efficiency, demand response, and other solutions to West Virginia's rising electric rates. We will answer questions like: Where do our utilities get their power?  What is "PJM" and what is its relevance to West Virginia?  How does the Public Service Commission work, and how can citizens get involved?  How can we incentivize utilities to be interested in energy efficiency?  This will be followed by an open discussion.  This workshop will be co-presented with the Coalition for Reliable Power.

This meeting is part of the WV Environmental Council's annual conference and will be followed by a potluck dinner.  For more details about the annual conference, click here.
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