Webinar Opportunity on Rural Wealth Creation

The Southern Rural Development Center is offering a webinar called "Rural Wealth Creation: Concepts, Strategies and Measures" on May 1 at 1pm. From the website: 


There is increasing recognition that a short-term focus on creating jobs or increasing income is insufficient to generate sustainable rural development or achieve a lasting reduction in rural poverty. A focus on creating and maintaining wealth offers the potential to achieve more lasting rural prosperity. Researchers have long studied some aspects of wealth, and in recent years there has been increased attention to broader conceptions of wealth, including human, natural, social and other forms of capital. However, little research has sought to understand how these different types of wealth can be conceptualized and measured, or how they interact to determine the dynamics of rural economic development. This webinar will present the findings of a recent research report on this topic by researchers at the USDA Economic Research Service. Based upon a review of relevant literature and data sources, the authors discuss what wealth is in a broad sense, why wealth creation is important for rural development, how it can be created in rural communities, and how its accumulation and effects can be measured.
About the Speakers: 
Dr. John Pender, Senior Economist, Resource and Rural Economics Division, USDA Economic Research Service (ERS), leads ERS research on rural wealth creation in the United States. He is an author of numerous publications related to international and domestic rural development, including recent ERS Reports on rural wealth creation and on regional approaches to rural economic development and the initial economic impacts of the Delta Regional Authority (DRA).
Dr. Alexander Marré is an economist in the Resource and Rural Economics Division with ERS. His research focuses on rural human capital, household wealth, migration, and labor markets.
Dr. Richard Reeder is an economist in the Resource and Rural Economics Division, ERS. His research is on rural development policy, including Federal program targeting issues, State-local strategies involving enterprise zones, retiree attraction, and recreation, and regional approaches such as the DRA.
Instructions for Accessing the Webinar: 
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