Time for Transition

Now is a critical moment in our region’s history, and big choices are in front of us. It’s time to start talking more seriously about the coming transition. What we decide to do over the next decade or two will set the course for many years to come. We can look backward, focusing on defending what we have and choosing to live with the impacts on the land, water, air and climate that result. Or we can look forward, developing the ideas that will begin to transition us to a different kind of future.

As this site reveals, there is already no shortage of people, organizations and businesses that are contributing to a better future in our region. We have no shortage of strengths to build upon, including our rich cultural traditions, unparalleled natural landscape and strong sense of family and community. But we also have no shortage of challenges. Power is concentrated in too few hands, and poverty is persistent. We stand divided in our communities, and subject to broader economic forces that seek our resources—including the coal under our feet—at the cheapest price possible.

It’s time for transition, and to get ready we need a real and honest conversation about our future. The information, ideas, stories and opinions on this site are intended to be a resource for that conversation.