Sustainable Forestry

Investing in sustainable forestry in the Central Appalachian region is an important part of a just economic transition. Regional forests are some of the most ecologically diverse in the world and the markets are developing for certified sustainably harvested forest products as well as for ecosystem services provided by healthy forests including carbon storage and clean water. To promote the growth of a sustainable forest sector in Central Appalachia, investment in business development and workforce training as well as regional forestland management and planning are needed. 


  • Turns Out, Money Does Grow on Trees — Seven forest landowners in Kentucky recently received a total of $65,000 for the carbon dioxide their trees absorbed from the air.
  • Foresters Help Build New Forest Economy in Kentucky — Central Appalachia is blessed with an abundance of natural resources, including its lush and diverse forests. Healthy forests can meet local needs for food and fiber, create jobs, provide recreation, and protect the air, soil and water that we all rely on.

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