Shades of Green (Charleston, WV)

Center for Economic Options is pleased to co-sponsor with

 Discover the Real WV Foundation and

 Bridgemont Sustainability Institute the

Shades of Green Conference

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The Shades of Green Conference is about helping businesses make more sustainable choices that conserve resources and energy, create good jobs, and are generally better for people, our planet and yes, even profits.

Why "Shades of Green"?

Greening your business isn't all or nothing.  From using fluorescent bulbs to going "zero waste" we can ALL make choices somewhere on the  spectrum.

At the Shades of Green Conference, learn about how to use tax credits and finance green initiatives, connect to a trained workforce, and market your commitment to sustainability for maximum impact. There will also be industry-specific breakout sessions to focus on challenges and opportunities tailored to your business.

Conference Agenda


If you have questions regarding the event, please contact  Sara Dearing at or 304-345-0700.