Report Says Ohio is Green Jobs Hotspot

From EarthTechling and Enterprise Appalachia, a story on Ohio's green jobs creation success to date and future potential.  Passing the Alternative Energy Resource Standard in 2008 has gone a long way to encouraging clean energy jobs in Ohio–other Appalachian states can learn from our neighbor and tap into the green job potential too!

Ohio Said To Be Green Jobs Hot Spot

by Susan DeFreitas, March 8th, 2011

Think Ohio remains mired in its legacy as a Rust Belt state? Think again. According to a new report from from the Environmental Law and Policy Center, more than 7,500 people in the state are currently employed by the renewable energy manufacturing sector, focused largely on producing the gears, bearings and windmill blades used to harness wind power.

The report goes on to note that renewable energy is one of the fastest-growing business sectors for job creation in the state, and that the increasing demand for wind turbines nationwide has put Ohio behind only California in terms of green job growth.

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According to the Ohio Business Development Coalition, some of Ohio’s best-known manufacturers–including Avon Bearings, Lubrizol, Owens-Corning, Parker Hannifin Corporation, Sherwin-Williams and Timken Company–have transitioned their traditional manufacturing processes to include the production of bearings, performance coatings, composite windmill blades and components, and are now key suppliers to the nation’s wind industry.

Ohio-based companies are also involved in the manufacturing of solar panels, biomass products, fuel cells, hydroelectric components, geothermal parts and energy-storage technologies used by a wide range of renewable energy systems.

Citing the state’s low-cost, low-stress communities and short commute times, the Ohio Business Development Coalition calls Ohio “the State of Perfect Balance,” a place where manufacturers can find a skilled green workforce and residents can achieve that ever-elusive goal of work-life balance.


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