New Resource to Help Rural Communities Prepare for the Worst

Our friends at the Rural Blog have a story on a new web tool to help rural communities plan for disasters:

A recently launched Web site from the Center for Food Security and Public Health at Iowa State University aims to help rural communities prepare for hazardous events. By preparing for those events, the center hopes to help communities prevent or minimize the impact on human and animal health as well as crop production or property damage, says the Web site. The center writes, “Agricultural communities are at risk for a number of hazardous or emergency situations, such as natural disasters or emerging diseases, as well as man-made or technological hazards (e.g., agrochemical spills, bioterrorism). Any of these situations can greatly impact the individuals, farms and their commodities, as well as businesses in the affected areas.”

“This Web site houses a database of numerous resources to help citizens of rural agricultural communities – individuals, farmers and producers, businesses – prepare for and recover from a number of natural and man-made threats,” the center writes. The Web site is divided into five sections: natural disasters, biological threats, technological man-made threats, general preparedness and all resources. The center also provides links for contacting federal and state officials and submitting your own resources. You can access the Web site at

Kristin Tracz

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