New “Olde Store” Brings Gathering Place to Floyd, VA

In an earlier post on livable rural communities, we talked a bit about the importance of gathering places for people to come together. The community of Floyd, in southwest Virginia, has a new such place – or rather, an old one made new again. An old country store from the 1930s has been bought and renovated (but only a little) into an antique shop, consignment shop, and cafe. The Roanoke Times has the story:

The store was like a rallying point for community members, she added.

“Everybody who has been here said they’re so glad someone has opened the store again,” Hope Cleve said. “It just has a presence. It’s one of those places you walk in and say, ‘This is it.’ ”…
If you visit The Olde Store and you don’t find anything you need, that’s OK with the Cleves.
“It’s an easy atmosphere here,” Hope Cleve said. “Someone may just find that thing they need in the house, but if not, we can find some stories to tell.”
“Come in and sit a spell.”

Click here to read the whole article. Where are the great gathering places in your community?