MicroFest Art and Theater Event Coming to Appalachia

MicroFest USA is an innovative arts and theater event that is "part festival, part think-tank" to explore the impacts of the arts in creating thriving, successful communities – and it's coming to Appalachia! Knoxville, TN and Harlan County, KY will both be hosts to MicroFest, which includes performances and hands-on learning opportunities. According to their website, MicroFest aims to: 

  • have fun, create art, and strengthen communities;
  • offer a field-wide learning exchange to strengthen cross-sector, civic-engaged work;
  • expand how we view and discuss creative placemaking;
  • foster collaborations among local and national artists and community leaders;
  • document learning and best practices for art-based community revitalization; and
  • advance ensemble practices as tools for community development

This is a great opportunity for both Harlan County and Knoxville. MicroFest will be in Knoxville on October 25 and 26, and then in Harlan County on October 27 and 28. Check out the jam-packed schedule here, and learn more about registration here.