Local Food Fellowship Opportunities at Allegheny Mountain School

Allegheny Mountain School (AMS) is assembling a group of highly curious, hardworking young adults to create a cohesive and cooperative team for living, working, and studying sustainable food systems and community development.  Beginning on May 1, 2012 our second group of AMS Fellows will spend 6 months (Phase I) in residence on Allegheny Mountain in western Virginia, followed by one year in the service of Partner Organizations (Phase II) along the Route 250 corridor of the two Virginias.  Our goal for this year of service is that each AMS Fellow will touch the lives of at least ten families through teaching gardening and building sustainable local food programs.

AMS Fellows will be provided room and board during Phase I and there are no program fees (other than to apply).  Fellows will receive a small stipend at the end of Phase I and a monthly stipend during Phase II, where they will be working in the service of community organizations whose focus is strengthening connections to our local food system in communities, neighborhoods and schools.  Fellows will be trained and immersed in a variety of farm skills, from organic gardening to permaculture site design, preserving food, carpentry skills and small animal husbandry.

Application Deadlines: 

January 31, 2012:  Final deadline for all application materials to be submitted (including references).

Interviews will be scheduled starting on February 20, 2012.  As interviews are mandatory for admission, there will be several dates to choose from – both on weekends and weekdays.

Final 2012 AMS Fellows selection will completed by April 1, 2012.

Application Requirements: The following six components make up a completed application packet, and are required to be submitted in their entirety by January 31. 2012.

  1. Personal Information form
  2. Statement of Purpose (essay)
  3. Resume or Digital Portfolio
  4. Skills and Interest Questionnaire
  5. Three References (We suggest providing an addressed and stamped envelope to all references if submitting via post.)
  6. Application fee ($25) made out to the Allegheny Mountain School, c/o The Highland Center, PO Box 556, Monterey, Virginia  24465

Questions?  Contact AMS at info@alleghenymountainschool.org