Health care and entrepreneurship: A good match for Appalachia?

Amid the hoopla surrounding health care reform, Making Connections News looks at what it could mean for small business owners in Appalachia. How many people would take the leap to start their own businesses if they could afford health insurance without relying on their current employers? Will more small businesses be able to offer coverage to their employers? And what of the opportunity in the medical field once more are able to seek care? Here's what Making Connections has to say about the report:

While small business owners are key to building the local economy here in the mountains, not being able to afford health insurance is a huge challenge faced by many. The Affordable Care Act – some call it “Obamacare”- will offer tax credits for businesses with less than 25 employees to help with the cost of providing health coverage. WMMT reports on how this in turn could encourage new entrepreneurs to start businesses, and increase job mobility which is good for the economy. Increasing the number of insured Kentuckians through Medicaid Expansion and a health insurance exchange will also open up new business opportunities and jobs in health care.

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