Growing Food and Community in Owsley County

In one of Kentucky's poorest counties, teachers, college students, high school students and community members have joined together to build a large-scale school and community garden. The Lexington-Herald Leader featured the story:


"This" is Homegrown Kentucky, Owsley County, roughly 10 acres of flood plain owned by the school to be farmed by students and residents. The land is being carved into individual community gardens for residents, who are given tools and seeds, and for students who will grow fruits and vegetables for their own use and for sale by the school.
It's a complicated venture, bringing together UK students, community organizations, UK extension agents and the local school system. But everyone involved says they're sure they can move beyond a one-and-done community project, where the ribbon is cut with much fanfare, and then the project fades out of consciousness.
"This is a really big thing in the poorest county in Kentucky," said Sandy Gay, a board member of Eastern Kentucky PRIDE and the program coordinator for the Owsley County Conservation District. "What community member doesn't want to be part of something that benefits the community and benefits themselves?"
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