Great press on upcoming Appalachia’s Bright Future Conference

Word is getting out about the "Appalachia's Bright Future" conference happening in Harlan on April 19-21. The program is full of great speakers, artists and workshops – you really don't want to miss it. The Hazard Herald just wrote a great article about the conference, here's an excerpt:


The community action organization Kentuckians for the Commonwealth will host the Appalachia’s Bright Future conference at the Harlan Center April 19-21. Gerry Roll, director of the Community Foundation for Appalachian Kentucky, a non-profit located in Chavies tasked with building local capacity for development, is a scheduled speaker during the Saturday sessions. She said she hopes this conference will serve as a jumping point to begin a dialogue about where Eastern Kentucky as a region is heading into the future.
“My hope is that lots of people with lots of different ideas will come together to think about what our future looks like, and to honor our past and where we’ve come from,” Roll said. “We have to acknowledge what the coal industry has done for us, what our leaders have done for us, what our community has done for us. We can look at what isn’t working now and what can work for the future, or what changes that might have to come that we may not have even thought about yet.”
Be sure to read the whole article. And then go here to register if you haven't already!