Berea College Students Share Social Media Secrets for Small Businesses

This post originally appeared on EPG's blog.  Visit their site to find out more about the EPG program, and their social media outreach efforts.

Social Media Workshop with EPG!

On Wednesday, June 29th Entrepreneurship for the Public Good (EPG) hosted its first workshop on social media for the Berea, Ky area businesses!

The EPG group has put in a lot of work and training to learn the skills necessary to be proficient and effective in using social media. As our skills have grown it has become clear that no business can afford to be left out of the social media world. Unfortunately, many businesses are still not taking advantage of the free resources which are available to them. As a team, EPG is here to change that, and we are starting here in the local Berea area. We have gathered together an expert team of social media gurus to provide direction and lead the group over three separate workshops taking place in the next few days. We are extremely excited about the opportunity to share the skills we have learned with the local business community in hopes of driving up sales without increasing cost.

Tonight, Aaron Sachs and his team at Symply Social gave local business owners a broad view of the marketing power of social media. The atmosphere was pretty intense during the meeting and you could definitely tell the people present were absorbing as much information as possible.

After covering the importance of establishing an online presence Aaron described how if a business is not its own voice on the web then someone else will be! Participants in the workshop were surprised to learn that regardless of whether the business took action to establish a presence on the web or not, their customers could establish that presence for them. The importance of a business setting their own tone for content on the web could not be more evident.

At the conclusion of the meeting our group had the chance to speak with several of the business owners who had attended. Wendy Robinson, with Body Recall, a nonprofit organization in Berea was excited about the possibilities which social media resources offer her organization. Gerald Moss the president of the Berea Lions club was similarly impressed. When asked if he would be returning to the next meeting he answered with a resounding yes!

If you are a local business owner in the Berea area, do not pass up on the opportunity to learn how to make social media work for you and your business! The next workshop will be held June 30th, in the Trustees room of Seabury Center on Berea College’s campus at 7pm. Stay tuned for updates from the second session.

See highlights from Wednesday's workshop here:


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