ARRA Funding Helps Kentucky Business Expand

Rebecca Moon is the owner and operator of Custom Maid Service, a full-service commercial cleaning business, in Floyd County, Kentucky. Custom Maid Service uses environmentally responsible cleaning supplies to serve clients such as medical clinics and construction companies that need building sites to be prepared for occupancy.

The business was founded by Rebecca after a debilitating car accident left her facing severe financial hardship and unable to continue in her previous job. The Mountain Association for Community Economic Development (MACED) extended a microloan in 2005 to help Ms. Moon purchase commercial equipment necessary to expand the business from a home-based cleaning service.

In addition to supporting her own family, Rebecca’s business has created jobs. Custom Maid Service now has 16 regular employees, and another 17 employees are called in to help with cleaning construction sites as needed. The jobs are good jobs, too. Wages are higher than the industry average. Employees are offered health care benefits as well as reimbursement for food and mileage.

Seeking to expand her business by providing laundry services for commercial health care clinics, Ms. Moon recently approached MACED for another loan. Using American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funds, MACED extended a $50,000 loan with the maximum term possible for repayment to finance the purchase of three Energy Star-rated washing machines as well as three dryers. The loan will also finance the purchase of additional cleaning equipment so Custom Maid Service can add more clients. Rebecca projects that her annual sales will triple in the next three years as a result of the expansion.